Pumpkin Patch Trip

Yesterday was Natalie's first ever field trip and, of course, it was to the pumpkin patch. I gotta hand it to these teachers, within 5 minutes I was ready to thump about all the little BOYS in the head for just acting stupid. I kept having to tell myself that they weren't MY kids and just worry about the two (Nat and Olivia) who I was responsible for. Maybe God did know what he was doing when he gave me two girls..lol   Not that they act ignorant sometimes too, but boys just seem to always run on full throttle.

Anyways, the little girl in 90% of the pictures with Natalie is Olivia. Natalie is always coloring cards, she has to take extra snacks to share with Olivia and they also go to the after school program together. That girl took to me like white on rice. I might even say Nat got a tad jealous because she always wanted to sit by me, hold my hand, and photobomb my pictures.  They had a large time, picked their pumpkins and enjoyed a picnic. 

Natalie and first best friend (besides Kaylee) Olivia
The whole class, and no I don't know but maybe 5 of their names.
Ms Turner & Ms Selph


Right before this was snapped Olivia was like "hold on a minute," grabbed my hand and just plopped right next to me. She actually pouted when I told to hop off so I could get one with just Natalie.

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