Homecoming Week

This week is Homecoming for Northwest Rankin, which means everyday the girls are to dress up as something different. I had no idea daycare's show their school spirit too so yes, both girls have a dress up schedule this week.
Anyways, today is Superhero for Nat and crazy hair/socks for Harper. (I was totally gonna let H rock some bed head, because believe me, that morning 'do is C.R.A.Z.Y.) Nat was a little hesitant to dress up. I wanted to go all out, full-on pink ninja turtle costume but we settled for a girly t shirt and tutu.

This pretty much sums up our morning and trying to get everyone out the door. One is always a grump and one is fairly content. Worst case, they are both grumps and I'm not sure both have ever been happy :)
Tomorrow is mismatch day. We'll see if my little OCD 5 year old actually goes through with wearing clothes that don't match. 

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Flossie said...

Sydney used to wake up happy but we've been dealing with some sleep issues for a few months now & she hardly ever does anymore. For the most part, she's a total grump for about 45 minutes then she's in good shape. I hope it's not an indicator of our teenage years to come.