It's been an amazing year watching you learn to sit, roll, stand and walk. Changing from a baby to a sassy little lady. You love to laugh, chase the dogs and snuggle in Daddy's lap. From bottles to sippy cups, no teeth to five, this year has flown by – I can’t believe you’re one.
Thank you for making us parents and being such a great daughter.

For all the blessings, smiles and joys you bring to us, Happy 1st Birthday Nat. We love you and cannot imagine our lives without you. You have added more love to our lives than we could have ever imagined.

Mommy & Daddy



We had her 1 year well baby visit. I know I'm mean for making her get shots on her birthday but she won't remember. They must have hurt more this time because she cried pretty hard. She's still on the skinny side, 19.4lbs and is 31inches tall.

I came home for lunch to celebrate with a cupcake. She didn't smash it like her cupcake at Kaitlyn's party, but she'd just woken up from her nap. Oh well, it was just practice for this weekend's party. I don't know how much she ate, but Byron and I enjoyed it :)

Her trademark goofy grin.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Natalie... I love you! I wonder where you got the goofy grin... must be in the family. I know you can't read this now but you will later, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and again I love you!

Kim said...

That letter made me cry! Happy Birthday Nat!!