New Bath Toys

Natalie has been needing some new, real, bath toys for a while now. She's kinda outgrown the simple squirt toys and she learned how to pop the top on my shampoo bottles. Luckily Nana got her a tug boat for her birthday and she got some foam letters back at Christmas. Now I need to find something to hold all of them!


Kim said...

I think Kyndall has those same bath foam letters and numbers. Anyways, I got a Munchkin Super Scooper Turtle much like this one: http://www.amazon.com/Munchkin-Bath-Super-Scooper-Turtle/dp/B000SETLHQ at Wal-Mart. Target also has a frog and ladybug bath toy scooper.

Nan said...

Julia, I'm leaving comments, but they don't show up later. Nan