Let's Eat Some CAKE

Natalie started out a little slow when it came to smashing her cake. I don't think she cared for the icing on her hands at first, so she dove into it head first, no hands. And the rest is history...

What's this sticky stuff?

Here we go...

This isn't so bad.

This is her "Step away from my cupcake" look :)

She had it up her nose, in hair. Mom even found some in her diaper later.

Sharing with mommy.

Too busy to look up for a picture.

Angie, Nat, Nan & Granddaddy

PaPaw, Nat & Nana

Big Daddy, Nat & Grammie. (She'd just about had enough)

This is about the time Grammie knocked the cake in the floor,
and Natalie was like "What did you do that for?"

Uncle Nate sneaking in a hug.

Cleaned up, showing off her new UK hat from Aunt Rosie.
Notice her cheeks are still stained pink.

And she loves Danny. She gave him kisses anytime he asked for them.

Playing with Big Daddy and her My Pal Violet.

Pooped and ready to call it night.

Thanks for everyone who came in and helped make Natalie's first birthday special.

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