3 Months!

It seems like just yesterday Byron and I were trying to have dinner at Bonefish and timing contractions :)

You've grown so much in 3 months I don't even know if I can remember it all. You've really taken a liking to your Daddy now, I think the week he was home for his tonsils did you both some good :)  You are dying to hold your own bottle and sit up without assistance. You are most chatty as soon as you wake up in your crib or after a diaper change. I swear you say "I good" or "agoo" all the time. You've been blessing us by sleeping really well at night, I hope this never changes, and you still love sitting in your bouncy talking to the bunny, bees and dog. However I have caught you sneaking peaks at ESPN when we aren't looking.

You also give your sister some funny expressions. It's moments like those I can't help but wonder what on earth you are thinking. She loves to make you laugh and is just dying for you to be able to play with her more.

And I'm almost ashamed to write this, but I think this is the FIRST picture I have of the two of us. I'm almost always the one taking the photos but we got a good one yesterday on the iPad.

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