Harper, Party of One

Harper has had a slight regression in her sleep pattern the last few days. Two nights ago after a 2:30 wake up call and bottle I thought she had peacefully gone back to sleep in record time. So I crawl back into bed get all snug and I hear not crying but all sorts of gibberish, squeals and giggles over the monitor. I mean seriously? It's 3AM child! Of course that only lasted about 15 minutes before it turned into crying but good grief. It's one of those moments when you can't help but laugh and wonder what she's doing in there, that could be that funny at the crack-of-dawn. Oh well, here's to hoping we get back on track soon. Between her sleep schedule (lack of) and Natalie coming in our room at 2 times a night there isn't a whole lot of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep in our house.

Don't we have a vacation (adults only) soon? (hint, hint).

And onto the part all the family cares about, pics of the two. Nat's been in a "let's have a picnic" mood this week. So each day after school we come home, spread out her blanket, and have a picnic in the back yard. It's nice but sad that it's mid October and we are just now able to enjoy being outside without dying of heat stroke. 

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Amy said...

Wish I weren't working... I keep the little squirts. I love them laying on the blanket together.