Sneak Peak

This is what has kept me so busy the last 2 weeks. Natalie decided kinda last minute she wanted to be the red fairy from Tinkerbell? Who's that? Exactly. Not an easy costume to find in the stores, I tried 2 Targets and multiple Walmarts to no avail. So on a whim I bought 2 yards of red satin, 1 yard of sparkle fabric and some trim and went to work.

Thank goodness Sue came down this weekend because I was definitely in over my head. I wasn't following a pattern and the top took about 3 redos before we got it to go over her head and arms.

All in all, I'm still proud and thankful I didn't have to spend $25 plus shipping on Amazon for a costume.

Harper's was easy peasy  I took an old sleepsack traced it and cut 3 different color fabrics to resemble candy corn. I think it took less than an hour and it should be more than enough to keep her warm while Natalie trick-or-treats.


Jennifer said...

Amazing costumes!!

Flossie said...

Cute idea for the candy corn! We went the cop-out route and ordered costumes online. Maybe I'll try to be creative in my next life.