Man Natalie was up at 4:30 ready to P-A-R-T-Y and dress up for Halloween. Thank goodness she went back to sleep. Can you imagine what a pill she would be by lunch time?

Of course Harper could care less. She's been rockin' her Halloween jammies since last month. I just can't get over how big she looks sitting in Nat's lap, which is proving to be more difficult since Harper is want to sit up on her own and wiggle. Nat just wants to squeeze and hug on her and Harper doesn't really like that anymore.

She couldn't wait to put her costume, wings and a little makeup (every fairy has to sparkle) and get on to school. I didn't stay for the party, most parents don't, and I'm sure she'll participate and have more fun without me to cling to. However I did snap a few pics of her and friends who were there before I left. I just couldn't resist.

Cannon, Reece, Bryce & Luke. Super heroes must be the IT costume this year, or maybe it's the age :)
The ladies - Natalie, Anna Claire, Mary Alice & Ella Rose 
I'm sure I will have more from tonight when we canvas the neighborhood with our neighbors. 

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Joy said...

Awwww.. Natalie is getting so big and beautiful!! She looks precious in her fairy outfit!!