Happy Halloween Y'all

Trick or treating was a success this year! Between her school party and roaming the neighborhood tonight Natalie has enough candy for a small army. She could not wait to go ToT after school. I had to set the timer on the stove so she'd stop bugging me about the time!

Getting ready to load up, and yes, we used both pumpkins.

Poor Harper just couldn't hang. We made it around the cul-de-sac to visit the neighbors and then I took her back in to stay with Byron. It was probably for the best. It was well past her bedtime when we got home.

We had a little sprinkle storm blow over about the time we wanted to leave so we had to wait it out for a few minutes. You know, cause heaven forbid this little fairy get wet.

Then we set off with Natalie's "girlfriend", Kaley, our sweet little neighbor who tried really hard to include Natalie even though she was with two of her school friends. 

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