Beach: Day 2

Who knew getting two toddlers ready for the beach could be such work? Suzanne and I both agree that we need a Nana or Grammie to come along next time :)

Natalie loved the beach just as much this time as she did last year. We jumped waves, sat on the beach and let the water roll up on us and, of course, she dug in the sand. However the baby pool was our saving grace. It wasn't very big but only 2 ft. deep so Nat could play in without worry of going under for the most part.

Natalie decided to help us out and speed things along by carrying the pool around the condo.
I think we got the hint.

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Amy said...

If Nana or Grammie can't go I'm sure my arm could be twisted. She's a little water bug, isn't she? I love the painted toes too!