Painting, Take 2

I don't know if some of you recall our first finger painting experience but OMG was it messy. She had it in her hair, all over her body and high chair. However after our experience coloring Easter eggs I felt it was time to try it again. What a hit! She still managed to get some on her legs but it's completely washable so no worries. It's all she wanted to yesterday and this morning too.
July 2010


We had to paint twice that day. This is later in the afternoon. Notice she's wearing "big girl" panties...more on that later :)

I guess you could say we are attempting our first round of potty training. Saturday evening after Nat's bath we let her run around naked for an hour or so before bedtime. I noticed she didn't have one accident and on our way to bed I asked her if she wanted to pee in the potty. Well, low and behold, she did it! At first it was just a tinkle and she ran up screaming "I did it!" I made her sit back down and she really did it.

Sunday we started out the morning doing the naked method. Basically she ran around with just her pajama shirt on which was fine by her. She only had one accident all day and that was more my fault than hers for not paying attention.

Funny story: We were at the fridge and I guess the cold air made her feel like she had to pee. Because before I could get the milk out I hear "momma, pee pee, come on!" So we made a mad dash to the potty and she went again. Now every pee pee gets an immediate high five and sometimes a little potty dance. She's already asking for a towel (toilet paper) so she can do it herself. I'm so proud of her and you can tell she is too.

So maybe, just maybe, we are on to something. Let's give it a week or so and I'll report back but at least we are headed in the right direction. And yes, pictures of her on the potty will come at some point :)

Look at my big girl. May '11 and Sept '10

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