Sweet Corn Eatin' Fool

After a trip with Nana & PaPaw to the Farmers Market Natalie came home with a few new things to try. I'm pretty sure she's had corn before but I've never seen her clean an ear like she did Saturday night. She made me proud :)

She also got her first taste of peaches and watermelon. I know those are two things that are pretty common but Byron's not a fan of watermelon and I'm not too crazy about peaches so they are things we don't buy.

Did she like them? Well to quote PaPaw "This is fun, she'll eat anything!" Yeah she LOVED them.

Happy Mother's Day out to there to all my family and friends. It was nice spending the time with Vann and Sue, but I still missed MY mommy all the same :) Love you bunches Mom.

I woke up to this little stinker yelling "Happy Moms, wake up."

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