Not Much Going On

Our neck of the woods was pretty quiet this weekend. Mainly because we stepped outside to get the mail Saturday and to quote Natalie "momma it's cold." Yep, it was 60 in May! That's cold for us Southern girls. Sunday was a little better, at least the sun was out, but we still just hung around the house. I did get the first coat of stain on Nat's little table and chairs Vann built over Christmas. Hopefully I can finish it this week and then paint her toy box next weekend and mark two things off my "to do" list. Vann helped with a few of the items on my list last weekend. He hung the cross I got at Granddaddy's funeral for me while I planted flowers. He also fixed our fence, and helped Byron put a new seal on his Egg.

So what did Nat do all weekend? She spent the better part of Sunday trying to get her lizard to "climb" the tree.
First she and Bogey had to discuss their plan of attack...

They succeeded. Then I hear "Momma help, izard stuck!" Silly lizard.

This is the face you get 90% of the time when you ask her if she has to potty. We've resorted to bribing with candy and stuff. She's doing really well, maybe 1 accident a day. We have even gone out a few times (with a diaper on) and come home to her being dry. Maybe next weekend we will work up the nerve to take her out in panties...maybe.

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Flossie said...

We need a project weekend at home SOOOOOO badly. The cross looks great.