Potty Training 101

Well we have fully committed to taking on the task of potty training Natalie. First off I need give props to my wonderful husband who has pretty much gone at this solo during the day. He's done a wonderful job staying patient while Nat works through this process. So our week in PT land went a little like this...

DAY 1:
We started last Sunday. We did the naked method Sunday morning up until nap time. She only had one accident and it was really my fault for not paying attention. We were painting our toes :)

After nap we put panties on and she did start to pee in them once but I caught her and got her on the potty. I'm a little hesitant to do the naked method all day since Nat loves to go buck naked all the time. So we are doing half and half. She did not go #2 all day except in her diapers.

DAY 2:
Byron had her all day since I had to go to work. She never went #2 all day which had Byron and I on pins and needles all night. If she even attempted to disappear we were on her like white on rice. However at some point in the evening we got lost in the TV and I noticed she was really quiet. She was in her hiding spot and there was a little dingleberry in the floor. No joke the child immediately said Mulligan did it, but M's #2 is quadruple the size of hers. :) She did finish in the potty.

DAY 3/4:
Not to eventful, she was about 50/50 on going to the potty. She still only wants to go #2 in her diaper.

Day 5:
She finally went #2.... on the back porch. At least she didn't have on undies, but she totally freaked when Mully tried to lick it or else we wouldn't have known she had done it.

Day 6:
Byron moved the potty in the living room and said she went while he was gone to bathroom and was like "look daddy.." So maybe it being in plain sight will help her remember

AND (drumroll please) she went #2 in the potty that morning AND told me about it first. She was playing in my big tub when all of a sudden she was like "momma pee pee, pee pee momma, now" So we ran out and when she sat I noticed she was kinda grunting and not bent over watching. When she stood up Voila! She did it!

Major breakthrough on her part and we totally celebrated all over the house. I asked her if she wanted a treat.....

she wanted a pickle! I love that girl.

She also likes to say "see ya later pee pee" when we flush. Hey, whatever works at this point. Sue helped us keep an eye on her this weekend. She did well. She has more accidents when she's wearing panties but I know it takes time and I remind myself of that hourly.

Now for the cutest little tush ever in her new panties. I don't know what to say about the hat. She pulled it out of the closet and insisted on wearing it, and yes it was at least 80 outside, but again, whatever gets the job done.

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Flossie said...

She is so going to hate you for this post someday.