The Terrible Twos

We ran right smack into them Tuesday morning...hard.

It went down something like this. Nat and Byron were playing on the bed while I was getting ready for work. Nat asks me if she can brush her teeth. Sure. I walk in the bathroom grab her Dora toothbrush, put the paste on it and take it back to her in the bedroom. We are still trying to get her to want to brush her teeth on a regular basis so if she wants to brush her teeth outside in the pool, at this point, we let her.

So she's brushing, we are telling her good job, then she looks at me and says "more momma." She's bad at sucking the toothpaste off so I said, "No Natalie we only brush our teeth once in the morning, lets go spit."

Then all hell broke loose.

She threw her toothbrush at me. I didn't even know what to say. I just looked at Byron and was like "alright how are we going to handle this?" My first reaction was to thump her on the butt, I know I would have gotten a whoopin' back in the day.

We told her that we do not throw things when we get mad. She started crying. She looked at Byron like why are you even yelling at me, I threw it at Mom. We asked her to get off the bed to pick it up and she yelled "no" rolled over and pretended to be asleep. I picked her up and stood her right next to the toothbrush and told her again to pick it up. She folder her arms, yelled "no" and stomped off before Byron grabbed her and literally made her pick it up and hand it to me.

She sulked off to the living room and I just stood there stunned. I mean seriously? That much attitude at 2, over throwing a toothbrush? We're in trouble.

Later she came in the bathroom all innocent holding her blanket looking up at me with those big green eyes. I looked at her and asked if she was ready to say she was sorry for hurting mommy's feelings. Again, she ran off like I had taken a switch to her butt yelling "nooooo" through the house.

Onto yesterday. I originally started writing this post while at work yesterday. I was going to apologize for not really have any cute pictures to put up. I was mainly documenting this for Nat's amusement when she's older and has her own little mini-me yelling at her.

But Nat's not one to disappoint. Byron calls me at WalMart yesterday after work and is like you need to come home NOW to see what your daughter is doing.

Byron said he was in the kitchen and asked Nat what she was doing. "Just drawing daddy." Little did he know she had found a black sharpie (we honestly do not know where it came from) and decided to autograph the windowsill, our hardwood floor, walls and her newly stained table and chair BEFORE giving herself a new tattoo.

She gives the phrase "it's a good thing she's cute" a whole new meaning.

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Erin said...

omg! What a sassy little thing. Good news, you are handling as right as I can imagine and just keep it up, it has to get better right? But I am not going to lie.... this posts scares me :)