10 Months Old

I can't believe in two months Harper will be one. I also can't believe how much she's changed in just the three weeks since my (late) nine month post. Crawling is no longer an issue, neither is pulling up. She's just starting to cruise around things but not very well. However, I did catch her pushing her play table around the living room the other day. Sitting back down from standing is probably the next obstacle. She gets a little fussy when you realize you're stuck and need some help.

Byron and I were also discussing how much her eating has changed. I can remember when we first tried baby food and she would make these god awful faces and choking sounds. He probably thinks I started giving Harper table food too soon as well, but she loved it. Nowadays, it's table food all the way. I guess I'll donate her baby food to Nat's school before it goes to waste :)  She's even taken an interest in the baby spoons/forks and I know she has to learn somehow, but the mess....oh.my.goodness!

She loves when Nat's friends come over and play. I'm pretty sure she thinks of Kaylee as another sister (I mean she is over here everyday). And they do their best to include her in everything they do.

Last night was her first time to take a bath without the ring. Lately she had been wiggling around in it or bending over the front of it to the point of tipping it over. She did pretty well. Of course once she realized she could stand up, we got out.

She's jabbering more. Regulars are "dada & momma".  I'm also hear something that sounds like "dog, dog" and 'Nat, Nat" or at least we pretend. It makes Nat feel special.

Speaking of Nat, I can only imagine the things she is going to teach you in the years to come. First lesson, how to accessorize :)

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