I Took the Plunge

I got a smartphone :) I guess you could call it my Mother's Day present. It's a Windows phone and bright yellow, so far I really like it and it takes awesome pictures, which is the most important feature to me. 

So photos I've taken with my new phone and recap of the last few weeks...  Harper and I visit at least once, probably more like twice a week. 

Not only did I get a new phone but Byron also brought me (us) home a case of the new Sam Adams from Sams. Of course Nat claimed the box before it even hit the ground.

Another quick trip to the store, this time Kroger. I promise we don't live there.
By far the most memorable thing that happened this week was Natalie and I catching a turtle. We caught it the day Byron played in a golf tournament. We kept for about a day since Nat & Kaylee didn't have much time to play with him Tuesday night. They named him Freddie. I'm about 80% sure he was NOT a snapping turtle, but we finally set him free in the pond on hole #10. And even though Byron and his team didn't win anything at the tourney we did enjoy ourselves some BWW afterwards.

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