Memorial Weekend

We ventured home to spend some time with the family. We hadn't been home since Easter and we hadn't see Heather, Jason and the girls since Thanksgiving. The weather was beautiful, we ate WAY to much food, Byron got to golf everyday and Natalie & I even snuck in a (very cold) swim!

Loading up and waiting on Byron. I come out to this, Natalie just thought it was hysterical.
Popsicles were a must.

The Bryant men grilled a ton of meat. This only shows the 20 something chicken but there were ribs, sausage, bologna and bbq.

After filling our bellies and may rounds of cornhole and washers, we had a little firework show and Natalie wanted to go home with Grammie.

The next morning we had a little picnic under the shade tree and Jason snapped some pictures with his new camera.

The next time Natalie had a Popsicle at Grammie's, Harper was determined not to be left out. We stripped her down and let her go to town on it.

We decided to leave late Monday, right around Harper's bedtime. That gave all day to swim and play in April's new pool. To say it was cold would be an understatement but Karly was a good sport and got in with Natalie. She swam her little heart out all over that pool and was worn plum out before I could even get the car loaded.
Harper did alot better on the car ride home with it being so late. She slept all but maybe the first hour and had no problems curling up in her bed when we got home.

But nothing beats being back in your own bed and playing in your own room!

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