Fun in the Sun

Well, almost. It was H-O-T this weekend so Saturday afternoon, after naps, we drug out the pool. All three of us put on our suits and jumped right in. WOAH! The water was C-O-L-D! Harper would only sit on my legs and splash her feet. Nat, being the old pro, didn't seem to mind one bit.

Eventually we had to divide and conquer because Harper was a "fuss-bucket". She has also gained the nickname (from Byron) PITA. If you don't know the acronym, you should google it. A round of Roseola and about 8 teeth trying to pop in has made her almost intolerable :) 

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Flossie said...

Seriously?! You've had two babies, and you look awesome in a bikini!! I don't think we can be friends anymore.