A Week of First

This is just for my records...Harper got her first shiner and pop knot this week. Not to bad considering Natalie was 8 months old. Also for the record, it was NOT my fault. She lost her balance and tumbled into her play table and hit her cube on the way down. She didn't even cry that much.

In yummier news, she got her hands on her first piece of corn-on-the-cob last night. She had already eaten half the fridge for dinner, so it was more of a way to keep her quiet, but I think she liked it.  Nat sure did. Hers was gone before pictures could be taken :)

You can just barely make out a bruise under her left eye, above her right eye and a sliver of bruise in the center of her forehead.

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Amy said...

That's my girl.. a shiner and loving that corn on the cob. You go girl!!